Take one day trip and enjoy in city on four river. Outdoors activities includes biking, swimming, walking. You cn also visit aquaworld with sweetwater fishes.

For more information visit offical web page of Karlovac county.



Perfect for one day trip, only 80km north of Zagreb, you can find this beautiful old baroque city of Varazdin - a capital city of Croatia in 19th century. 

All information about Varazdin you can find here.


Samobor, a medieval town of Baroque architecture, lies on the eastern slopes of the Samoborsko gorje hills at the gate way to the romantic valley of the Gradna Creek, at a distance of mere twenty or so kilometres from Zagreb. Samobor is known for cake called "Kremšnita" and for carnival. For more information visit http://www.tz-samobor.hr/pdf/tzgs_vodic.pdf


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