Nomination for tourist flower 2016.


In 2016 our hostel - yet bed&breakfast was nominated for one of the three best hostels in Croatia!



"CasaBlanca is decorated in such fashion that I wish it were my house." Marin D


"Staff cared about us from the first moment to the end. The only thing I disliked was I had to go away ;)" ChiaraUdine89


"Breakfast was amazing as well they have all products in highest quality.'' Ali C


"The property was so comfortable, clean, spacious and quiet. It was perfect for a relaxing stay." Sara 


"The staff treated us like friends visiting." Claire


"Professional, very friendly staff willing to please with excellent service. Breakfast was the best I had for my entire european trip." Leanne 


''Great place, great staff, great location. Do not chage a thing. I visit Zagreb a few times a year and that is the best place to stay.'' Miguel 


"Beautiful eclectic interior and homy atmosphere. Its great location provides a safe convenient base to explore and enjoy the city of Zagreb." Martina 


"So good I would live there 100% recomend! Thank you for everything and thanks to the girl who makes the most amazing scrambled eggs." Ana 


"Nice place, really look like a hotel but not a hostel." Andriy Fostyak


"Outstanding hostel. Highly recommended, particularly if you are looking for peace and quiet." Christopher Conley


"Very nice and clean place . The design is beautiful. The owner is nice and took care of everything we needed. Loved it:)" Sofia S

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