Take one of our daily tour and meet Zagreb with Casablanca B&B team.

All information you can get on our reception or email


1. casablanca walking tour

Do you enjoy walking around and experience the rich history of Zagreb? Find out how our team is telling a story about it so you can enjoy your time here!



Maybe you are not a walking type and you would like to feel Zagreb through the fresh breeze in your hair? Take our bike tour and expand your knowledge about our 1000 year old city!


3. Casablanca craft beer tour "ZMAJSKA BREWERY"

Craft beers are very popular in Croatia for the last few years. A lot of people are enjoying different tastes that craft breweris are offering. We are offering exclusive tours to visit the first craft brewery in Croatia where you can find out how this delicious beers are made!


Plitivice lakes are our most popular National park which you can visit in a daily trip. If you want a full door to door service without waiting in lines, we can organise this service for you, while you are relaxing!



If you would like to see a beautiful countryside just 40 minutes from Casablanca, we would recommend this idylic family owned countryside house where they serve a delicious food and top quality wine which the produce!


casablanca architecture tour 

casablanca cooking tour

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